A New-Old Idea…

Aligned Goals with the company’s desired outcomes…

There was a time when this concept was a given in the world of business but, alas, those days have passed us by.

Hi! My name is Simon Warner and the chances are that, if you have come to this page, you have probably received my name in conjunction with engagement as a consultant, employee, or independent contractor.

In the interests of sparing us both valuable time and effort, you will find an overview of my positions, points-of-view, and commitments below.

If you are still reading, terrific! Let’s get into it.

If you are more of a talker than a reader, let setup a time to chat. Calendly.com

Simon Warner ~ “Let’s synchronize across all disciplines to create real solutions.”


Marketing Strategy

Business Development

With focus in: White Label, B2B/B2C, Real Estate, Financial Services.

How I Think

Data driven decision maker.

Leave it better than you found it.

Learn from what works. Fix what is broken.

Win or learn in every experience.


Lifetime student who believes classrooms teach the questions to ask. Experiences teach the answers to the questions asked.

Global Understanding

No plan survives contact with the enemy. Neural plasticity combined with agile thought and execution can compensate for this truth 100% of the time.



To exceed the value expectations of those engaging me.

To be a driver of positivity and success to all who are around me.

To enter every conversations with a sense of curiosity, not judgement.

To learn from everyone I meet and everything I experience or develop.

To build relationships that offer genuine value to both myself and those around me.

To win and to cause those I work with to win.

To develop mutual accountability for success with individuals who desire the same.

To develop and execute against a clear path for the success of the team I am a part of everyday. Let’s talk: Calendly.com